Endo Collective is a community that shares knowledge, experience and encouragement for women, men, teenagers and children LIVING with endometriosis.

In the coming months, we’ll be posting videos, anecdotes, articles, scholarly reports, recipes, scientific findings and more – a virtual cornucopia of all things endo.  Come ON.  That doesn’t sound fun and appealing?  Well, how about this.  All of this info is sincerely and purposefully aimed at helping YOU.  You who are affected by endometriosis.

We know you because we are you – women suffering from severe endo.  And.  We have one goal.

That, if you so wish, you live better informed, supported and empowered with this painful, baffling, complicated, oftentimes infuriating disease.

We will tell it to you straight.  And, honey, it ain’t always pretty.  But believe us when we say – we’ve been there and done (most of) that where endo is concered and ignorance is NOT bliss.

We chose the name ENDO COLLECTIVE because we see it as several parts working together to make a whole.  We all work together and support one another to make each other whole.

You are not alone.  Come.  Join us on this journey.