Castor Oil has been used since ancient Egyptian times to aid in healing and reduce inflammation.  Packs also improve circulation, especially with the immune system.  In our experience, you CAN find particular relief from endo pain by using them as needed.  They can be messy (okay, a little gross) and a bit much to handle at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s something you’ll come back to again and again.

They can be placed wherever you feel pain:  abdomen, lower back, etc.  Certain research has also shown if placed over the liver, packs help in detoxifying and enhancing liver function.


  • a cotton or wool flannel cloth (make sure no synthetics in the fabric) OR unbleached paper towel (i.e. brown in color)
  • a plastic sheet or wrap (the kind used to cover food is fine according to our expert)
  • a hot water bottle (some say an electric heating pad is fine & will certainly do in a pinch, however, we prefer the bottle for repeated use)
  • castor oil
  • bath towel(s)
  • hot water
  • large ziploc bag


  1. pick a time when you can lie down without being disturbed for at least an hour, minimum 2 hours is ideal (a great time to use is when you go to bed)
  2. fill your water bottle with hot water
  3. saturate the cloth or paper towel with castor oil (the size should be big enough to cover the area where you will place the pack). don’t put so much oil on the cloth that it is dripping
  4. place the cloth over your chosen area and place a sheet of plastic wrap over it
  5. lie down and place the hot water bottle over the plastic wrap
  6. to retain heat longer, place a towel over the hot water bottle
  7. relax and enjoy the healing session you’re giving your body.

When you’re finished, the pack can be put in a ziploc bag and placed in the refrigerator until your next session (when you’ll add 1-2 tablespoons more of castor oil and repeat).

(source:  Barbara Insley, CNT practitioner, New York, NY)